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Under 14 Strutt and Parker CVL


The last match of the season for the under 14's boys was:

Ludlow 5 - Wenlock Thunder 0

Ludlow 5 - Shrewsbury 1



Indoor 9/2/19

Sadly, we had only 5 players in the end, but we did well as some teams also had 5 and then we borrowed 2 players so for one match we had a sub.

We got to the play offs for the 3rd and 4th place, but only 5 players against 6, so we lost 6-3, finishing 4th.

Telford A 6 - Ludlow 2

Ludlow 10- Shrewsbury 1

Bridgnorth 6 - Ludlow 3 For 3-4th place play offs



Ludlow 4 - 1  Whitchurch -->Goals: Fenn, Luke and 2xWill for Ludlow

Telford 4 - 2 Ludlow -->Goals from Dominic and Fenn for Ludlow.

Bridgenorth 3 - 2 Ludlow -->Goals from Fenn and Ollie for Ludlow  -really tight and exciting match!

Our new date is 9th Feb where indoor finals will take place.

Next outdoors date is 23rd Feb for the under 14s boys.


24th November Under 14s results 

Shrewsbury 0 - Ludlow 7

Wenlock Lightning 0 - Ludlow 4

We were lucky to have 7 players today, and it was lovely to see how they are coming together as a team. Ludlow won both matches.

Thanks to the boys' great play and the direction from Amanda and Kevin, the team had fantastic wins and no goals were conceded.

After a not so good start of the season, in the last two Saturdays that they played, the team have won all the games, conceding only 2 goals in 5 matches.


17th November U14 Girls results

Wrekin 2:2, Telford 2 :1 loss, Shrewsbury 2 :2


Results Saturday 27th October

Ludlow v Wenlock Lightning Won 4-2

Ludlow v Wenlock Thunder Won 3-0

Ludlow v Whitchurch Won 3-0

Under 12s

20th October

Ludlow 1-6 Bridgnorth                Ludlow 1-4 Whitchurch                Ludlow 1-2 Shrewsbury Pumas

Well well well....it looks like we have a team!  I am so proud of every player from yesterday.  You were all amazing and gave it everything you had.  You listened to each other, took direction well and played hard.  For the parents that weren't there....you missed a great show.

We played the toughest team around as our first match of the morning.  I had promised a surprise on Wednesday at training if we were able to keep them to 5 or less goals against us and if we could score at least one goal.  Our lovely players did not let us down.  Even through the foggy brains of an early morning, we keep Bridgnorth to 4 goals and we scored one too...well done Will!

The next match was again Whitchurch.  We haven't seen them before and didn't know what to expect.  We were stronger in that match and came away with another goal!  Once again, well done Will! The final score was 3-1 for Whitchurch.

The final match was very tricky.  Callum recognised one of the players on the Shrewsbury team as playing for county hockey, so we knew it would be tough.  Out defense was amazing!  We told them to stick to him like glue and not let him make the shots he wanted.  They did just that and the poor lad didn't stand a chance.  Chloe got into the grove and was well on form in the last match and shut him down.  You could see he wasn't happy that we blocked him at every turn.  Well done all.  Then, to make the match even more exciting....Kennedy scored a goal with a rolling and twisting ball.  The ball went in, then rolled out and Will shoved it back in again just to make sure it went in.  How exciting was that!?!?

We had some tired players and a couple of injuries at the last minute.  Thank you all for your hard work.  I will have something special for you all on Wednesday to share with the rest of the group in celebration of your efforts on Saturday.  On Saturday, you showed up and played as a team, not individuals.  So proud.  Let's keep it going and keep improving and showing these other teams what Ludlow players can do!


Under 14 Girls

20th October

Ludlow 0-1 Bridgnorth               Ludlow 2-0 Whitchurch                    Ludlow 1-2 Shrewsbury

The girls played extremely well and were very strong in the defence. They’re attacking as a team was very strong, but unfortunately they just couldn’t finish it off at times but there were many good shots and excellent play around the D. Orla (GK) had some fantastic saves and was unlucky to let those in that she did!
But overall, it was an excellent team effort!!


Under 14 Boys

13th October

Ludlow 1-2 Bridgnorth            Ludlow 1-2 Shrewsbury Lions


Under 14 Girls

7th October 

The girls unfortunately lost 2-0 to Bridgnorth, and lost 4-1 to Telford/ Wrekin. However they drew 0-0 against Wenlock Thunder!

The girls played very well and put in a lot of effort throughout every game! Special mention to Tilly Evans for her commitment to playing even with an injured ankle! And also to Jemima and Harriet for a fantastic bit of teamwork in scoring their goal against Telford/ Wrekin!


Under 14 Boys

29th Sept

Ludlow 0 Bridgnorth 0               Ludlow 3 Wenlock Lightning 2              Ludlow 2 Telford and Wrekin 4

15th Sept

Ludlow 0-8 Bridgnorth              Ludlow 0-2 Wenlock Thunder               Ludlow 2-3 Shrewsbury Pumas


Under 14 Girls

22nd Sept

Ludlow 2-0 Bridgnorth               Ludlow 1-0 Wreakin                               Ludlow 0-5 Wrekin College and Wenlock Storm

Under 12

22nd Sept

Ludlow 0-8 Bridgnorth                Ludlow 1-5 Shrewsbury Lions            Ludlow 1-1 Shrewsbury Leopards